Securing Safer Futures...
When you have environmental health and safety concerns, your ONLY concern should be rectifying the situation quickly and safely. 

You need to find an efficient, thorough solution to the issue that will not interfere with your schedule.

You need to ensure that your employees and building occupants are protected when they are in your buildings.

You need EMC

Since 1991, Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. (EMC) has been helping organizations secure safer futures through client-focused consulting in health, safety and the environment.  We have the application and industry expertise necessary to help you develop solutions to tough environmental health and safety problems.

Whether you currently have an environmental health and safety problem, or would like to establish proactive action to avoid future liabilities, you've come to the right place.  EMC can help you assess your organization's current status, develop solutions for identified problems and assist with implementation.  All to help you secure a safer future.

We have identified the three essential keys to successfully addressing environmental health and safety issues.  These keys are:

                It is essential that our clients are educated to recognize potential hazards 
                within their facilities.  Identifying these hazards in time and contacting EMC
                early in the process prevents the hazard from escalating to critical levels.
                Proper management of the hazards, both proactively and in emergency
                situations is essential to the safety of an organization.  EMC has developed
                successful solutions to address the unique needs of a wide variety of clients
                throughout Wisconsin.
                Quality communication between EMC and our clients is the most important
                step to a safer future.  EMC has developed revolutionary communication tools
                that save both time and money for the clients we serve. 

By applying these proven techniques to every project we undertake, our clients can be confident that they are getting the exact solutions that they need, when they need them.  They can be sure that any peripheral problems will also be identified and solutions will be offered.  Most of all, they can be sure that they and their employees will be protected.

Remember, addressing environmental health and safety issues by contacting EMC before they escalate to critical levels is the key to your organization's safer future.